Welcome Baby Stevie | Tsawwassen Newborn Photographer | Community Photography South Delta

Preparing to welcome a baby into the world, especially your first, is an absolutely amazing time of life. There are so many milestones - 12 weeks, 20 weeks (and every week thereafter!) new nursery, new clothes , new sounds and new smells (not always good ones!), and of course new little fingers, new little toes and a new little heart to love. It goes so fast and so slow all at once, which is why I LOVE to help you remember those blurry first days/weeks/months for years to come.

I recently got to help my bestie document her journey from bump to baby and it was pure bliss. Knowing good friends for over 20 years is a blessing and to see them transition into motherhood is such a beautiful thing!

Jess and Geordie, congratulations on your family of FOUR! Love you guys long time, I’m so excited to raise our babes together :)

Paige xo

Reid Family Photos | Centennial Beach, Tsawwassen | Community Photography South Delta

Mom Megan and I had been chatting about her family photo session for some time over e-mail. I had taken her friends family photos and that’s how she came across my name. I didnt know going into her session that I actually knew her from way back in the day. When I saw her familiar face at Centennial Beach, I was brought back to my first job as a phone girl in Tsawwassen at Mario’s Kitchen, circa 2003. Megan was a server and I remember her just being the absolute sweetest person, to everyone, including us phone girls lol.

The first two thing I noticed about her family was 1.) how beautiful and sweet they all were! and 2.) their perfect choice of cloths for a beach family photo session. Blue and white tones on a crystal clear evening was going to make for such dreamy photos.

The evening of their session was a warm summer night at Centennial Beach. We spent the hour of their family session hanging out, capturing the classic family portraits and the most beautiful in-between moments, which are always my favorite. I also LOVED capturing some special mom and dad portraits, it was the day after their anniversary after all :)

To the Reid family, thanks so much for allowing me to take your family portraits at Centennial Beach. It was such a nice night and loved the dynamic of your loving family.