My one on one workshops are designed to fit the individual needs photographers who are at different steps in their photography journey. By choosing this three part experience, photographers will learn from me in a one on one instructional setting and on location during a styled family photoshoot.

Part one, is an instructional session where I’ll will guide you through, lighting techniques, composition and how to use your camera in manual mode. Establishing a cohesive shooting style so you are delivering your clients a consistent product will be a main focus. We will also aim to get your photos correct in-camera to decrease the time you’ll spend in post-production.

For part two, we will meet over coffee and explore how I cull and edit my images. I will guide you through my workflow, focusing on efficiency and consistency. We will also discuss the client experience to get results.

Part three, we will focus on flattering every body and discuss the flow of my photo sessions. Photographers will participate in a styled family photoshoot featuring a local family. All of the photographs taken can be used in the photographer’s portfolio.

Throughout the workshop, I’m open and candid about my business and photography techniques so this is a chance to ask me anything! This is a great educational opportunity for any level photographers looking to invest in your career and learn natural light photography!