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I'm looking for a family available to shoot one evening the week of June 19-22 or June 25-26 at Centennial Beach or Diefenbaker Park in South Delta.

-Family must include Mom, Dad + kids

-The shoot time will be during 'golden hour' which is currently 8:00pm - 9:15pm. Please make sure your kids are okay being awake this late!

-You will be responsible for your attire. You must be okay with getting your feet a bit wet and sandy!

-Photos will be used for marketing purposes.

-You will receive 15 edited high resolution photos from the shoot


If you think you and your family would be great for this, please do the following:

-e-mail me at

-let me know your availability and if I have not met you yet, please send me a recent picture of you and the family :)