Lifestyle Newborn Session



What you need:

1. Fresh flowers are a nice touch. Have dad or a friend grab you some the day before I come.  We will use them as accents in the background. White or color, do what is your style

2. Pacifiers. If the baby is taking one. No animal attachments please.

3. White swaddle (if you have one, otherwise I will bring mine you are more than welcome to borrow mine).

4. In the winter, crank the heat. We want to keep your baby relaxed and comfortable.

5. Please have clutter put away or hidden under the bed or in closets before I get there. No need to do a full clean, just cups of water on bedside tables, breast pumps, tissues, should be quickly tidied beforehand. When I arrive I will look for the rooms for the best light. My 'go to' rooms are the nursery, living room and parents bedroom.  

6. Anything sentimental you would like to incorporate in the photos. This could include anything from a baby blanket knit by great grandma, a stuffed animal, or drum sticks if you are a drummer! Feel free to be creative :)

7. I am very visual. Feel free to send me some photos of your home prior to the shoot.


1. For mom: Neutral colors. You may want a camisole for skin on skin but if you are not ready for one yet short sleeve is totally fine. Anything white, grey, beige etc. photographs beautiful against your babies skin. Feel free to pull a few things out of your closet for me to peek at. Chiffon is beautiful, maxi dresses work great as well as anything you feel good in. Try to avoid tight clothing besides camisoles. You are more than welcome to do an outfit change through the shoot if you would like. 

2. For dad: Neutral colors. Jeans and a t-shirts as well as button downs. Make sure to be able to roll the sleeves and leave untucked. V-neck sweaters look great over button ups as well in the winter time. Be yourself but please try to avoid khaki pants and logos :)

3. For baby: When I arrive please have baby in a diaper only or nothing besides a white (preferably short sleeve) onesie. I have a white swaddle that works for both genders. 


What to expect:

Lifestyle sessions are very relaxed. When I first get there I will walk around your home to get our plan for the session. Great photos are based on great lighting. Please do not be alarmed if I move some furniture or take a clock off the wall.

Since we will be transitioning through rooms and poses, baby is generally happiest in a swaddle. This also helps keeping the little ones hands from blocking their face in the photos.

Plan on me being there 1.5-3 hours. The main rooms I love to shoot in are the baby nursery, parents bedroom and the living room.

Feel free to have your clothes out so I can help you choose what will photograph best. If you want to text me photos feel free to do that as well.

If you CAN try to feed the baby right before I get there, if not no worries! We are not on the clock, I am happy to wait through feeds, cuddles and poopy diapers. 

If you have young siblings, please do not have them doing an activity they will not want to be pulled away from when I arrive to take photos (i.e watching Paw Patrol).