Family Photo Session

Thanks for booking your family session with Community Photography! I want you to get the most out of our time together so the best way to do this is to get you prepared on what to expect.

Some ways you can prepare for this photo session are:

1.) Talk with your kids before. Give your kids a heads up on what they will be doing and what is expected of them. 

2.) Negotiation. This is a great tactic for kids a little older who understand negotiation. Decide on a special 'treat' before you arrive to the photoshoot. You can let me know what was decided.. 'Wow Jonny, Mom told me if you take some photos with me you get to go see Cars 3! Awesome!'. 

3.) Make sure your kids are fed in advance. 

4.) What to bring. A brush/comb, tissue, wet wipes and anything to sooth the really little ones - soothers, bottles, special toy.

5.) Have fun. Family photo sessions can often seem a little hectic BUT I strive to make them fun and enjoyable. Even if you feel things are a little crazy, I can guarantee you I am capturing some amazing photos.

Here is a list of some tips for choosing the perfect outfit for you and your family for you upcoming session.

1.) Coordinate your colours, don't match them. Gone are the days of EVERYONE in white shirts and blue jeans. These photos are about YOU so I don't want people to be distracted by what you are wearing. Aim for neutrals and nudes and have a possible 'pop' of color - kids outfits are a great way to have this 'pop'.

2.) Look at your home decor. My goal as a photographer is for you to hang these photos on your walls to be cherished for years to come. Take a look at your home decor and find a color scheme that matches.

3.) Limit Patters. If you like patterns, try to limit to one or two articles of clothing with a pattern. Please avoid thin strips as they can photograph funny.

4.) Avoid really bright colors on the top. Another reason I love neutral colors is they make the skin look great. Very bright colors (especially red, royal blues and yellows) can cast reflection on the face making the skin tone off.

5.) Think classic. By choosing simple, timeless clothes you will love these images forever. Please avoid logos as these will quickly date the photos.

6.) Tips for dads - Jackets are a great way to flatter your shoulders. Pants are always the way to go, please try to avoid shorts. Also, we may do some pictures where you are sitting, please coordinate your socks with your outfit.

7.) Tips for Mom - Dresses or skirts always compliment the figure very nicely in photographs. If you decide on a skirt or dress it is ideally below the knees (you may be sitting at points). Textures also photograph very nicely.