Oh hey. I am super excited for your engagement session! And unless you are a professional model I'm sure you are a bit nervous and swear you are 'super awkward' in-front of the camera. THAT IS OKAY, 99% of us are. This is why we do these photo sessions, so we can learn what works best for you as a couple. Look at the engagement session as the rehearsal before your wedding. I want you to walk into your big day feeling confident in-front of the camera.

I wanted to take a quick sec to take about your upcoming engagement shoot so you can make the most of the experience.

Location. Choose a spot that is sentimental to you as a couple. This can either be the place he proposed, a beach you always go to, your fav downtown street, a forest walk or even your own home. 

Dress according to the location you choose. Feel free to bring 2 outfits. Start casual with what you would wear everyday. When the sun starts setting, bring out more fancy/formal wear. I would go into detail on 'what to wear' but there is a really good web browser called 'Pinterest'. If you type in 'engagement session outfits' I am sure you will find plenty! 

My only tip is to dress so you feel f*ing awesome! You know when you put some effort in before you go out for the nigh and you know you look gooooood. You automatically have a boost in confidence. If you feel your absolute best, I will guarantee your confidence will show in the photos.

Props. I know this sounds a bit cheesy, but this is a great way to capture you as a couple. If you are musical, bring a guitar. If you have a dog (only well behaved ;) bring him. If you are a couple that drinks, nothing is more fun than popping bubbles or a growler at sunset. *Please give me a heads up in advance if you are bringing anything*.

The Shoot. My engagement sessions take generally around one hour. Saying that, please do not feel on the clock. I will make sure we have lots of amazing photos by the time the shoot is over. If you do bring an outfit change, I allow 5 minutes for the change so there won't be time for a full hair/makeup change in the allotted time (you can always throw on come lipstick to change the look in no time!). This shoot is all about communication. I want to get to know you as a couple before your wedding, so your wedding day is a breeze. I am totally open for collaboration, so if you have any fun idea's during the shoot, please let me know! 

I want this to be a fun, relaxing and memorable experience for you. It may feel a bit awkward and stuffy at the start but I can guarantee you will be having a blast by the end. I'm excited, I hope you are too!