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To Do:

1. Fresh flowers are a nice touch. We will use them as accents in the background. White or color, do what is your style

2. Please have clutter put away or hidden under the bed or in closets before I get there. No need to do a full clean, just cups of water on bedside tables, dirty cloths, tissues, should be quickly tidied beforehand. When I arrive I will look for the rooms for the best light. My 'go to' rooms are the nursery, living room, bedroom or if you have a cool kitchen that can be a good place also.  

3. Have out anything you would like to incorporate in the photos. This may include baby shoes, a sentimental stuffed animal or something baby will use when they arrive.

4. I am very visual. Feel free to send me some photos of your home prior to the shoot.

At Home Maternity Session in South Surrey


1. For mom: Neutral colors. Anything white, grey, beige etc. Feel free to pull a few things out of your closet for me to peek at. Chiffon is beautiful, maxi dresses, tank tops (for silhouette) work great, lingerie or anything you feel good in. At-home shoots are casual and minimalistic. You are more than welcome to do an outfit change through the shoot.If you would like to change outfits please let me know so I will be mindful of the time.

2. For dad: Neutral colors. Jeans and a t-shirts as well as button downs. Make sure to be able to roll the sleeves and leave untucked. V-neck sweaters look great over button ups as well in the winter time. Be yourself but please try to avoid khaki pants and logos :)

3. Siblings: Simple + neutral. Coordinating with Mom and Dad. Boys it is always fun to do no shirt and jeans.Girls, dresses are always beautiful.


At Home Maternity Session in South Surrey

What to expect:

Lifestyle sessions are very relaxed. When I first get there I will walk around your home to get a lay of the land and plan the session. Great photos are based on great lighting. I shoot in natural light so I will turn off your house lights and open your blinds. Please do not be alarmed if I move some furniture or take a clock off the wall.

Plan on me taking photos for around 1 hour. We will start with photos of just Mom, then move onto the family shots.

Feel free to have your clothes out so I can help you choose what will photograph best. If you want to text me photos feel free to do that as well.

The main room I like to shoot in is the master bedroom, so please keep this in mind.


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